Crochet Vintage Bedspreads and Tablecloths a Collection of 8 Patterns

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However, women of all social groups took part in these sessions quite happily and there was no sign of any tension amongst them. It just showed what a leveller knitting and crochet can be! As an educator, especially in History, and an avid crocheter, am thrilled with these series. I was born in , so look forward to what was crocheted in that year. Thank you for the hard work and the wonderful lessons!!!! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. About Crochet in Author Kathryn San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

Vintage Crochet History: July 22, Stel 4 years ago Reply. So interesting! Gotta love the brown paper bag-tip, still useful. Christine Harrison 4 years ago Reply. Kathryn Post Author 4 years ago Reply. Oh, thanks so much for sharing that.

Hard to Find Old Antique Vintage Crochet Patterns

If you haven't done so already Tablecloths" no. Look Inside. Click Here to check out now with your individual pattern book selections. Bonus 1. Step-by-step instructions show you how to crochet both right AND left handed! Includes easy patterns to get you started right away. Bonus 2. Bonus 3. All pattern books on Compact Disk, rushed right to your home Your investment includes a copy of your pattern books on CD, sent to your address via USPS first class mail, and, if you order by midnight tonight, we'll even pick up the postage and handling!

That's only twenty cents for each pattern! Vintage Crochet Pattern Collections:. I love the pdf format, as this allows me to easily enlarged the images and text as needed. The format also makes it is so easy to print out individual patterns for projects. The variety of these old antique designs is phenomenal, and some of these patterns are truly exquisite! I think the cost you've charged is only a drop in the bucket compared to the real value of these difficult-to-find patterns. Each book alone, on Ebay, could easily bring more than what you are charging for the collection! I appreciate too, your promptness in sending out the cd's.

Golden Wedding Bedspread. Maker of Dreams Bedspread. Ballerina Bedspread. Meadow Daisy Bedspread.

Vintage Crochet and Knit Patterns - Katnabox Pattern Collection

Fair and Square Bedspread. Past and Present Bedspread. Sunflower Bedspread.

Bed of Roses Bedspread. Crystal Web Bedspread. Popcorn Whirl Bedspread. Colonial Star Bedspread. Victoria Regina Bedspread. Rhythm Bedspread. Popcorn Star Bedspread. May Queen Bedspread. Letter Perfect Bedspread.

Marguerite #6132

Arrowhead Bedspread. Octagon Popcorn Bedspread. Georgianna Bedspread. Stepping Stones Bedspread.

Crochet Square Pattern, Alice Brooks 7231

Vespers Bedspread. Daisy Squares Bedspread. Galaxy Bedspread. Wheel of Fortune Bedspread. Diamond Cluster Bedspread. Beauty Rose Bedspread. Lucky Star Bedspread. Irish Crochet and Popcorn Bedspread.

Free Vintage Filet Crochet Tablecloth Patterns

Eight Section Star Block Bedspread. Pine Cone Bedspread. Star and Hour Glass Bedspread. Charmer Bedspread.

Strawberry Fields Crochet Round Tablecloth

Hourglass Patchwork Bedspread. Crossbar Bedspread.

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Star Wheel Bedspread. Windmill Bedspread. Ridged Square Bedspread.

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Berkeley Square Bedspread. Maker of Magic Bedspread. Popcorn Trail Bedspread. Queen Anne's Lace Bedspread. Peony Garden Bedspread.