Young Flandry (The Technic Civilization Saga Book 4)

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Technic Civilization Saga by Poul Anderson

Checkout Your Cart Price. Special order. This item is a special order that could take a long time to obtain. The warriors who made it great are long gone now, and the Traders of the Polesotechnic League who made it possible are the dimly-remembered stuff of legend. Alien enemies prowl its outer precincts, and Sector Governors conspire for the Throne of Man.

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On Terra herself, those who occupy the labyrinthine corridors of power busy themselves with trivialities and internal politics, as outside the final darkness gathers. About this product.

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Poul Anderson’s “Technic Civilization” series

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Be the first to write a review About this product. New other : lowest price. About this product Synopsis It is the twilight of the Terran Empire. The warriors who made it great are long gone now, and the Traders of the Polesotechnic League who made it possible are the dimly-remembered stuff of the legend.

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Book 1. With an introduction by Robert Silverberg. From the Silverberg introduction: I invite your attention to the rhythms of the prose, the balancing of clauses, the use of alliteration, metaphor, and irony, the tough, elegant sinews of the vocabulary. It is a paragraph of splendid construction, a specimen of prose that shows honorable descent from Chaucer and Shakespeare, Pope and Dryden, Defoe and Dickens, the prose of a man who knows what he wants to say and who says it eloquently and effectively.

Dozois is known in his fiction for his beautiful evocation of setting and emotional intensity within a truly alien and often austere vision of the future. Martin "My generation of writers has produced relatively few authentic masters. Gardner Dozois is one of them. More featuring space warfare. At the center of the Magnicate is the Hub, a huge artificial world from which control of Human Space flows. The Hub governs, but even so, control sometimes requires force.

Enter the Harriers. They are an elite military force created to guard the Hub and do the job that the effete diplomats of the Hub will not and dare not do. Novellas by S. Space War Blues. Richard A.

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New Alabama. A planet that's a fair reproduction of long-lost Dixie, filled with down-home, racist rednecks. The N'Alabamians have carried their tribal prejudices to the farthest reached of the galaxy, like the other minorities expelled from the Earth by the dominant Pan-Semitic Alliance.

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