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Quickly recover files that are accidentally deleted or prematurely removed

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Revive & Restore | Genetic Rescue to Enhance Biodiversity

In a news-filled Friday,…. To improve your experience, deliver personalised content and advertising. Find out more by reading our cookie policy. It contains space-separated list of additional programs to restore. Let's say you use rails server command often. You want tmux-resurrect to save and restore it automatically.

Sekiro Resurrection

You might try adding rails server to the list of programs that will be restored:. If you check long process string, there is in fact a rails server string at the end, so now the process will be successfully restored. Naturally, you'd rather want to see just rails server what you initially typed , but that information is now unfortunately lost.

This option says: "when this process is restored use rails server as the command name". Full long process name is now ignored and you'll see just rails server in the command line when the program is restored.

Resurrection Mechanics

Particularly, some programs like gulp , grunt or npm are not saved with parameters so tmux-resurrect cannot restore it. This is actually not tmux-resurrect's issue but more likely, those programs' issues. For example if you run gulp watch or npm start and then try to look at ps or pgrep , you will only see gulp or npm. To deal with these issues, one solution is to use yarn which a package manager for NodeJS and an alternative for npm.

Vertical Worship - Restore My Soul (Live Performance)

It's nearly identical to npm and very easy to use. Therefore you don't have to do any migration, you can simply use it immediately. For example:. The reason is when restoring program, the command part after the dash - is ignored so instead of command gulp test-it , the command gulp test which will be run. Mosh spawns a mosh-client process, so we need to specify that as the process to be resurrected.

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