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The pattern of reasoning in which one of the following is most similar to that in the argument provided? Team Captain: Winning requires the willingness to cooperate, which in turn requires motivation. So you will not win if you are not motivated.

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But exercise involves risk of injury. So, paradoxically, anyone who wants to be healthy will not exercise. And you must learn if you are to improve. So you will not make mistakes without there being a noticeable improvement.

By Parallel Reasoning

But raising more money requires increased campaigning. So our party will not retain its status unless it increases campaigning. And if you are enthusiastic you will also have mechanical aptitude. So if you are not able to repair your own bicycle you lack mechanical aptitude.

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Waiting in line requires patience. So if you do not wait in line, you lack patience.

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Diagramming the arguments like this is helpful for all of the parallel questions, whether you are asked to match the reasoning or match the flaw. Using neutral letters will keep you from getting to confused with the terms in the argument and the terms in the answers. Narrowed it down to two?

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Move on to Step How are they different in terms of scope, word choice, etc. In this book Bartha proposes that a good analogical argument must articulate a clear relationship that is capable of generalization. This idea leads to a set of distinct models for the critical analysis of prominent forms of analogical argument.

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The same core principle makes it possible to relate analogical reasoning to norms and values of scientific practice. Reasoning by analogy is justified because it strikes an optimalbalance between conservative values, such as simplicity and coherence, and progressive values, such as fruitfulness and theoretical unification.

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Analogical arguments are also justified by appeal to symmetry - like cases are to be treated alike. In elaborating the connection between analogy and these broad epistemic principles, By Parallel Reasoning offers a novel contribution to explaining how analogies can play an important role in the confirmation of scientific hypotheses.

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