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If people are going to feed ducks or geese, natural treats like oats, corn, or defrosted frozen peas would be the best choices.

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Canada Goose Gosling. Canada Goose, Gosling. Canada Goose, Juvenile. Canada Goose. Canada Goose, Female and Goslings. Share this:. Tags: Anatidae , Anseriformes , B.

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Jo-ann Coller Posted at h, 17 June Interesting, love your blogs. Penny Schafer Posted at h, 17 June I know they have to grow up but I still love the babies best! Nest site chosen by female is usually on slightly elevated dry ground near water, with good visibility.

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Much variation; may nest on cliff ledges, on muskrat houses, in trees, on artificial platforms. Nest built by female is slight depression with shallow bowl of sticks, grass, weeds, moss, lined with down. Learn more about these drawings.

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Historically, each local population followed rigid migratory path, with traditional stopovers and wintering areas. Today many geese in urban areas and on refuges are permanent residents.

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Other populations have changed routes or wintering areas as habitats have changed. The elegant birds are raising a gosling as well their own colt this year in a Michigan park. Read more.

HOW TO TREAT ANGEL WING IN DUCKS AND GEESE - What is it? What causes it?

When birders reflexively correct common names like "seagull" or "Canadian goose," they may turn newcomers off the hobby altogether. Audubon is a nonprofit organization committed to protecting birds and the places they need. We rely on our members for support. You can help us by making a donation today.

We're in a race against time — to give birds a fighting chance in a rapidly changing world. Your support will hellp secure the future for birds at risk from climate change, habitat loss, and other threats.

Canada Goose

This big "Honker" is among our best-known waterfowl. In many regions, flights of Canada Geese passing over in V-formation -- northbound in spring, southbound in fall -- are universally recognized as signs of the changing seasons. Once considered a symbol of wilderness, this goose has adapted well to civilization, nesting around park ponds and golf courses; in a few places, it has even become something of a nuisance.

Local forms vary greatly in size, and the smallest ones are now regarded as a separate species, Cackling Goose. Feeding Behavior forages mostly by grazing while walking on land; also feeds in water, submerging head and neck, sometimes up-ending. Eggs , sometimes Young Parents lead young from nest days after hatching. Diet almost entirely plant material. Nesting May mate for life.

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