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It removes custody of the father on days with school events.

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Other troubling and unconstitutional aspects of the order are discussed above. Anne Georgulas files for a Restraining Order. To its credit, the court denied the Restraining Order. Judge Scott Beauchamp order Dr. Albritton to conduct a custody evaluation. She does not want the public to see the stratospherically insane things she is asking the Court to do. A hearing is scheduled for the Motion to Seal on 28 February at p. Allen, Sr.

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After the custody evaluation, both parties will seek full discovery. This could include hearings and orders on Motions to Compel, in order to get documents and other forms of civil discovery. A trial date will be set. The father has asked for a jury trial. Eventually, up to a year from now, we will all attend a jury trial under Judge Kim Cooks. The jury will decide if a sole conservator should be named.

If one should be named, the jury will decide who it should be.

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Judge Kim Cooks will still decide on the custody schedule between both parents. Custody Evaluation is Ongoing We are at step 7, and we await the completion of step 6.

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Help us Save James! Save James — Save Thousands of Children. The office assistant says that Dr. Albritton and Dr. Eagle had resigned from the case. But this is for later and not at this time. The Post ran an article about TBD last week that suggested it is more than a little shaken by its arrival, no matter how much the new site links back to it.

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Why is so much attention being paid to a local news site? Well, TBD is something of a canary in the coal mine.

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The news industry is desperately searching around for new journalistic and business models, and local news has been seized upon as a potential savior. Local, so the thinking goes, is where the money's at -- where you can offer people something they can't get anywhere else. This explains the rise in so-called "hyperlocal" coverage, which hones in with intensive zeal on the day-to-day happenings in neighborhoods and regions.

Letter to Claude Albritton from H.B. Stenzel on 1969-05-05

TBD -- with its wealthy backers, who are likely willing to let it lose money for the time being--is perhaps the most prominent and lavishly financed for-profit hyperlocal venture yet. The site is also partnering with local television stations--also owned by the Albritton family -- and over local blogs to fill in the gaps in its coverage. All in all, people are looking to see whether TBD can make a go of it -- and whether its model, which combines aggregation, social media and original reporting much like, it must be said, the Huffington Post , is one that can be replicated for local news elsewhere.

It's difficult to give a complete appraisal of a site after just a day, but certain things jump out about TBD.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 32, () - Electron and Ion Heating Through Resonant Plasma Oscillations

Looking at it, it's easy to see signs of the Politico style everywhere. Just as that site really, really, really wants to be your go-to place for politics, TBD really, really, really wants to be your one-stop shop for hyperlocal D. Unlike many sites -- which tend to try to open with buzzworthy features or scoops to catch attention early on -- TBD seems to want to show readers exactly the kind of thing they're going to get from day to day.

There are traffic and weather tips everywhere you look, and a focus on things like overcrowded grocery stores -- nothing to necessarily tempt many beyond the immediate D. The site also makes heavy use of aggregation, relying on other D. There's lots of crime and sports, but not much politics or enterprise reporting. It's telling that, as editor Wemple writes in a letter to readers , TBD will have as many reporters working on traffic-friendly lists one as on covering local politics for the entire D.

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