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Most notably, Spain utilized the in winning the World Cup. How the system of play works: Is it rigid or is it a free-flowing way of playing soccer?

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Systems of Play: These are just starting positions for the players; every team needs to have a point to build from, and from those positions we can develop vast arrays of movement that are designed to challenge the opposition in many ways. The most popular and successful style of play currently in the professional game is one based around very quick 1- and 2-touch passing and movement off-the-ball.

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The goal is to develop technically great passers and dribblers — and players who know which action to take on the field when. We want players to use their imagination in 1v1 dribbling situations in the attacking thirds of the field. The is the most free-flowing system of play in the game. Personally, I believe it is important that parents and players both understand the benefits of the system and why we teach it. For U11, U12 and U13 to affect the minds of 7 and 11 we may call it a as a start position so they think in a more positive and an attacking mode to move to this We want 7 and 11 to cut inside to support 9 and 10 , and clear the space wide for 2 and 3 to overlap and join in the attack.

This is the attacking team shape now a or depending on the moment.

4-2-3-1 Positioning

The main change is 6 brings the ball out from the back or moves forward in attack without the ball and plays in front of the two center backs. This can also be the attacking team shape we change to when we are chasing a game perhaps losing and wanting to be more positive in attack. So this now would be our start position. Form 5 small goals 1 meter wide each using the cones and place them in the Players get divided into 2 teams: 5 4 outside and 1 inside against 2 both of them midfielders inside the square Arrange, with markers, a rectanglar area of 8 x 5 yards.

Along its longer side place 2 small goals - use cones as poles Switching the attack. Some markers 1 regulatory goal 8 vests Sufficient balls for continuity. Thematic match to help ease in depth attacking movements with the formation.

The back four

The use of three midfielders and a sole striker worked to great effect. On defense, the team took on a shape.

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Offensively, the team looked like a That pinpoints the reemergence of the to the season when coach Juanma Lillo used it with Segunda Division side Cultural Leonesa. One of the great advantages is that having the forwards high allows you to play the midfield high and the defense high, so everybody benefits.

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  • But you have to have the right players. They have to be very, very mobile and they have to be able to play when they get the ball.

    4-2-3-1 Formation – The Ultimate Coaching Guide

    You have to remember that they're pressuring to play, not playing to pressure. Needing the right players is absolutely correct. For instance, in recent years Rafa Benitez at Liverpool and Jupp Heynckes both found success with the formation.

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    The formation worked because it featured some of the best midfielders of the past 25 years.