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The Search for Jesus

We've partnered with the original patch producers to provide the sounds that were used on the original recording. You can search by song and purchase the patches used on that song, find patches based on tones, and buy bundles from your favorite patch producers. Patches are available in multiple types of software and plugins. With patches you can stop guessing what patch was used on your favorite song, and stop digging through hundreds of presets to find a great sound. It's a powerful anthem written for churches and released just in time for Easter.

Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus

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Here Be Lions - Belong To You (Official Lyric Video)

See More. I Intro. V1 Verse 1. Pc Pre Chorus.

C Chorus. Vp Vamp. V2 Verse 2.

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He is dangerous! Annas What shall we do about Jesus of Nazareth?

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Miracle worker, pilgrim or fool Priest No riots, no Romans, no fighting, no slogans Caiaphas One thing to say for him, Jesus is cool Annas We dare not leave him to his own devices His half-witted fans will get out of control Priest But how can we stop him, his glamour increases With every minute, he's top of the pole Caiaphas I see bad things arising The crowd crown him King Which the Romans would ban I see blood and destruction Our elimination because of one man Blood and destruction Because of one man Voices What can we do about this Jesusmania?

How can we deal with the carpenter king?

44 Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus

Where do we start with a man who is bigger Than John was when John did his baptism thing? Caiaphas Fools! Please check back for more Jesus Christ Superstar lyrics. I sing it during school, church, anywhere, everywhere, anytime!


But i love jesus he died for us. At least, that's what I always hear. I could be wrong though.