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This can especially be the case when it comes to children, pre-teens, teens and young adults Go Hard and Stumble Softly: download pdf Go Hard and Stumble Softly: Secrets of. Then act with courage. It was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.

Counselors are taught how to avoid the most common therapeutic blunders and negative countertransferential responses with drug-abusing clients.

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These include: Predicting abject failure and misery if the client does not follow the counselor's advice. Telling the client that what he or she really needs is more drug-related negative consequences to acquire the motivation for change ref. Chopra's teachings are summed up in 7 simple principles which can be applied to all areas of your personal life to create success Johan Bojer, the man and his works Johan Bojer, the man and his works.

Sound psychological techniques, your own personal power and your connection to the universe can create an awsome combination to manifest any change into your life. Just go for it The result of that experiment is the following 7 pieces of advice given to everyone striving to lead a more productive, happier life. Do NOT fill in this textbox: Is your interest in substance abuse and mental health professional or personal? So, what they do is quote a few scriptures here and there, often out of context, and move on. And rightfully so, because if you want to keep a person ignorant forever, keep the Book away from the person.

Effective Habits, Mindset, Personal Growth pdf. You will be so dearly missed. Your writings inspired me, challenged me and propelled me to push for the best that I have to offer. Well done Dr. Maya Angelou…well done!

Maya Angelou, you have inspired me over the yrs. You often reminded me of a great woman by the of Lucile Elliott she was my grandmother, and she stood for everything, education and respect. Rest peacefully in heaven. I remember meeting Dr. She invited all of the board members and the staff from the Center to her home for fellowship and dessert. Angelou never met a stranger.

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Upon meeting her, she quickly touched my hand and brought me close so that she knew who I was and to tell what a pleasure it was to know me. Working with Ms.

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Clay and her staff over the years, made me feel like I was a part of the family. Thank you Dr. Angelou for your legacy and for the phenomenal woman that you are. Thank you Johnson family for sharing her with us. She will be missed but never forgotten. You were the rainbow in many of our clouds.

Your words were God given and inspired nations…. I would love to say take your rest….. I miss your presence in this world. Thank you Johnson Family for sharing her life with the world. Thank you Michelle Obama for your heartbelt speech and for reminding us of who we are thru the words of Maya Angelou.

Thank you Oprah Winfrey and OWN for this memorable event otherewise i never would have had an opportunity to be a part of this celebration of life. In my Senior year of high school you were my inspiration to write poetry. I have written 2 books and had them copyrighted but never published. Nevertheless you were my IDOL. You will be missed but always remembered. You have been such an inspiration to many, young and old. Such a great person who contributed so much if her life to helping others. Thanks Dr.

What a blessing you have been to little black girls and all little girls all over the world. Also, if Oprah Winfrey had not read it, she might not have become who she is today! I know I am the better for it. If I could fulfill a wish: Every English Class would have every child exposed to the works of this global woman- Dr.

Maya Angelou. Her book: Words of Love is one of my favorites. I feel blessed that my family was exposed to her work. She has empowered so many that I am assured that their lives will be forever changed in a positive way. Thanks to her son and the entire Angelou family for sharing her with all of us. May God continue blessing all of you. Rest In Peace Dr. I ran to the stage after your presentation was finished, and you allowed me to have a photo taken with you. It has become one of my favorite keepsakes. THANK YOU for all the inspiration and encouragement you have given me over my life through your writings, music, dance, films and personal testamonies via television.

She grew up a few miles down the road in Stamps, AR. Your legacy will continue to impact my life. See You in the Morning…. On of my favorite saying i love to use when losing someone a family member or a friend or just to thous i know. One of life most precious treasures are the beautiful memories we leave behind in the hearts or family and friends this no one can every take away. So to the family enjoy these precious memories she has given to you and take comfort in all the beautiful memories she gave each one of you.

Dear Maya, You turned my world upside down when I found you. Again it is spinning as you leave this realm. So I must hastily leave this note and pray that you can understand my souls sadness. I will continue to write, hearing your powerful voice echoing in my mind. Rest dear Maya, your work here is done. Every word you ever penned kept the wind beneath my wings and a melody in my heart.

Thank you for your life long contribution of uplifting the human spirit Dr. Maya Angelou, R. Maya was fully herself demonstrating, teaching each of us to live our lives fully with purpose, passion, confidence and love. A special, special woman who spoke to the hearts and souls of many as if she were speaking to each. Oh faithful servant, job well done, your words, your love, your smile lives on within each of us who had the privilege of knowing you. Your legacy: You made the world a better place.

One of many women, I wanted to meet. Somehow I believe I have through her work. Her love of lyrical expressions and dance.. Like most of us, we can say she was one amazing woman, a woman of character, style and pose. I call her Queen Poetess. In my heart, I pray to become well known as a poetess. She has inspired me and so many others. She will be missed, she left an imprint, she left a legacy of greatness. Her LOVE. She has earned her Wings. RIP Queen Poetess. What an amazing women you have taught so many life lessons.

There will never be another you bless you and fly with the angels! Blessings and love to your family as well. To the family, my sincere condolences. I wish I had met the marvel of a woman and teacher that was, and always will be, Dr. A true pioneer and legendary spirit was she —an undeniable, incontestable, unwavering force. Through the power of one voice, Dr. Angelou raised the consciousness of millions. She not only urged each of us to aspire to our better enlightened, dignified selves but to recognize and celebrate the common bond we have to one another. Through the everlasting works of Dr.

Angelou, we all become her students many generations over. Let the world never forget Dr. Maya Angelou, her life a living testament, her teachings wisdom profound, her spirit transcendent. Fly home Dr Angelou I was so happy to be in your presence and feel your strength and love fill the room Your books and your words have healed so many and have shown us the way Love. She is a world treasure that will continue to uplift humanity for generations to come.

Thank you. Someone who once served me gravy at one of her famous Thanksgiving Dinners. As a lover of music and theater, I have lost that full throated, unashamed voice, a voice that lifted the songs of my people AND the drama of the ancient Greeks. As a teacher, I have lost one who never doubted the capacity of every human being to be changed and to do good. As a human being, I have lost the one who reminded us. We give thanks for the light Dr Angelou shared so freely. We must walk in that light and be light to others. Good night, Courageous Queen. Your rest is well deserved.

Gratitude to our Lord for being able to live in a time where I can say that my life was touched by the teachings of Dr. Maya Angelou—-a true gift from God. Thank you, Thank you! When I think back on the time Maya Angelou was born and all the ugly pit falls she had to go through and deal with, it reassures me that one person can make a difference with God on their side. I am so inspired with the concept that courage is the greatest virtue, without courage we cannot exercise the others. Credos to Maya for not being a coward soldier. God cannot use you if your afraid to go.

I am so grateful for the courage and faith Maya had in her God that allowed her to be a voice for others. With her life being so open to the world and media, I respect how she allowed the positive energies define who she was. In spite of all she had to endure, we witnessed no complaining or negative undertones. I pray I can continue to follow in her footsteps. And allow that beacon light to shine in my life for others to see. God Bless. I heard Dr. Angelou speak last year and I was amazed at her chrisma and wisdom. She let something with me that I have carried with me since then and I pray it stays with me forever.

Thanks God, for lending your voice and spirit to such a beautiful soul that did all she could to remind us that you loved us! I did not have the opportunity to meet you here on earth. I will meet you one day. With Our Lord That will be a glorious time. A couple of months ahead of time I took a chance and wrapped up and mailed two of my books of poetry by Ms. I had gone online and found an address for Wake Forest and off it went. I stood there, holding them to me, and just cried. I did. I truly did. What a grand and glorious memory.

I still remember going to class and showing them!! Thank you Ms. I gained so many insights from you. Every time I knew you were going to be on tv I always had my recorder on and a pen and paper beside me as I KNEW I would have lots of words of wisdom to get down!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being yourself — always. Now you have a new audience in Heaven. You were and still are an inspiration to all women all over the world, Thanks for being there for us.

Such an amazing Woman — she triumphed over a many of things, and skipped across many stones, flew a many flights, to rise above and become such an inspiration, such a warm and inviting spirit. The breath of her voice and the power of her words have traveled far and wide and will continue to be a part of all of us. Angelou for being. I pray for peace, love, happiness to the family and thank you for sharing. My condolence and blessing to all of you. She was an American Treasure and a voice for Equality for all humankind. I did not even care if I was the only man in the room.

I have all her books and will cherish them for the rest of my life and a voice that will live on forever. I want to thank her family for sharing her with the world. We are a better for her gifts. May God bless the family and her memory. This remembrance goes back to Among the freedom fighters President Nkrumah welcomed was an extraordinary painter, Selby Mvusi.

Maya and Alice were roommates at the Y where Guy also lived as a teenager. I was teaching in Lagos but spent all my holidays with them in Accra eating at the excellent popular Y cafeteria at lunch as Ghanaians did. It was an interesting 2 years. My sympathy pours out to Guy but also to her old roommate, Alice Windom of St. Rise, Sister Maya! Ann Cook at the time I sent a message to her just weeks ago through my doctoral committee member, the now late Dr.

Vincent Hardings, who was spending a week at Wake Forest. Now both stalwarts, as well as Elombe Brath and Sam Greenlee made their transition at around the same period. May there be more and more that flower in our world of such need! Maya have fought the good fight, and finished your course, laid up for u a crown.

June7th, at pm. Dr Maya Angelou You have been an inspiration to all of us black and white , pink blue and brown May you memory lives on God bless you Thank you for your legacy Ana. A personal thanks to Dr. Maya Angelou, and a special thanks for all of your great works and sayings…you are still a big inspiration to me.

And so I shall keep on writing, Amen. Thank you for being a genuine human being with enough life and love to share with the world. Your life and legacy speak volumes for what it means to be authentic. You will be missed but remembered always. I found this in you so long ago, When I had no hand to latch on and follow. You are amazing and gentle, as could be, You graced the entire world with your positive energy. Tracy J Washington. She reinforced my love of both the spoken and written word and was an wavering light encouraging me to ever press for.

Angelou and many thanks to her family for sharing her with the world. I am in awe, because I have a role model that I can give to my kid and others I love because she dared to write and to teach and because I live in an age where things can be captured on film and shared. Farewell Beautiful! I too grew up in the segagated south where the only ocupations open for black were manual labor jobs.

Gos bless your memory. I Rise I Rise. Maya Angelou gave so much of herself…never asking for anything in return. I believe she was more than a Phenomenal Woman…she was anointed by God. I am just one of the many who have been inspired by her tremendous body of work, kind spoken words, and enormous heart. She was a child of God. Jesus said he would go and prepare a place for us and come and receive us again. She is now at home. May she rest in peace until that great day when the trumpet blows for eternity.

Maya Angelou touched so many lives including my very own. She was a great mentor, philosopher, mother, lover, teacher and friend to all that had the pleasure of knowing her. What a phenomenal woman she was. Her life will be a beacon of light for everyone too see. It broke our hearts to lose you, though you did not go alone. For part of us went with you… the day God called you home. You left us precious memories, your love is still our guide… And though we cannot see you,..

Well done thy good and faithful servant. You will be truly missed. As generations are fueled by her passion and love they too will forge their own courage. This is her legacy to us Love, Faith, Courage and the Passion to live life and share it with others in the form of service. Thank you for your gift of words. To Dr. Angelou shared with me, my family — indeed the world — I know her Spirit has indeed risen.

Washington Community Center across the street from my grandparents, Mr. Because of constant travel away from home, Mrs. Butler was a housekeeper. It was about when Theresa and Marguerite met and spent time together gossiping about boys during slumber parties. She had a tremendous influence on me, I wrote to her for many years and she frequently responded, each time I felt a renewal, a special recognition to carry on.

After her book releases I stood in long lines to get her autograph, greeting me with a smile she asked about my grandmother all the while I stood mesmerized by her incredible spirit. A family elder once taught me that the spirit never dies. A champion of social justice, a creative and intellectual hallmark, Dr. And I will never forget her. I love you Dr.

Maya Angelou! I have shed many tears since hearing the news of your passing. You reminded me of my sweet, beautiful Grandmother. Your profound words, your strength, your wisdom, your LOVE … just like her. Angelou for your kind words during your visit to Virginia State University during my freshmen year. Your being influenced me in so many ways. Rest easy.. See you when I get there! I had the pleasure of writing Dr. Maya Angelou after reading her first book when it was released and she wrote me back with a wonderful statement on a post card that I will cherish for life.

We have her memories on audio and video to share with the next generation to come. May her wishes live on. The new angel Dr. Maya Angelou you have been an inspiration in my life. I thank you for the legacy you have left. You will truly be missed. I greatly admired Maya Angelou. I never got a chance to see her in person but; it would have been a joy to have sit down with her and talk with her.

A good person has gone but in our hearts Ms. Angelou will be. The Bird Cage will sing on in each of our hearts……….

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To the family of Dr. Angelou from me and my family we send our heartfelt and deepest condolences for the loss of you Beloved. Please know it is with a grateful heart that we appreciate you allowing us to love, remember, and mourn along side you all. Thank you for sharing her with us for all of her days. We Honor you Dr. We love you and will miss you. I thank God for the Blessing of you, your words, your shared love, and for making this world a brighter place by gracing it with you. With a heavy heart but a soaring spirit I say with love … Rest in Power Sister.

What a life…what a spirit…what a human! My heart aches and yet I feel blessed to have had a woman like Maya Angelou to inspire me. So along the journey of my life I have become a teacher and yet I learn from my students…I give to my students and yet I get from them more than I deserve. I celebrate the life and legacy of my Shero! Thank you for allowing the world to share in remembering her. Today is my 50th birthday, and I am filled with gratitude to spend a part of this day with all of you.

Thank you, Sister Maya, for the profound gift of your life! Angelou, you are our angel in the sky. Your books grace my bookshelf and your spirit my mind. I wish you heavenly joy. Our rock may have moved on to higher destination, but she has left us a concrete foundation on which to build our success. Thank the Lord for allowing us to enjoy Dr. I loved Maya so much that I named my daughter Maya. She will be missed. A Phenomenal Woman has gone home. Its message helped me overcome the abuse that I had suffered as a child.

I began to read everything about her and by her that I could get my hands on. Her strength, her resolve, her compassion, her passion have all inspired me to become more than I might have been. She taught me to forgive and then live. I have introduced her works to my seven granddaughters.

Her words will live on and on and on! I am a retired educator from Detroit Public Schools. Angelou came to Saginaw Valley State University and spoke. We brought a bus load of students from the city. We traveled a little of over two hours to hear her speak and she did not disappoint us.

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A tall stately angel is what I recall of that day as she was genteel as she address each of our students. To be blessed to have been in her presence and to know what impact she had upon those poor liitle Black children. I thank our Lord Almighty for her that day.

I grieve for our legend and the pain her family and close friends must feel at her demise. Thank You God, for this phenomenal woman spoken of in Proverbs May You, Father continue to bless us with others and may we always honor them while they live. Help us Father, to become phenomenal women as you would have us to be. In the Jesus Name I pray, Amen. Dear Maya, Thanks for you and everything about you. Love, Derek. What a mind, what a spirit, what a talent, what a blessing! Because your grace, dignity, wisdom, beauty, and example have taught me much. I am pleased and proud to have your portrait hanging on my living room wall along with Martin, Malcom, and Mandela.

Thank you, Maya, for being such a force of American history. You reflect, reflect on, and refract the best that is in and arises from the worst of America over the last many years. Maya Angelou, Grace, purpose, example, humble, love, compassion, teacher, Godly, funny, passion and passionate, and I could go on and on. How is it that my heart can rejoice and hurt at the same time.

I will never forget your teachings of life and its gifts. The importance of rising above your circumstance. Maya, thank you for so many nuggets of wisdom. Your straight talk, the flow of your words and poetry. I feel like I have lost a member of my family. I will never forget your ease in loving, forgiving and sharing.

Maya, say hi to my mother Geneva. I gobbled up everything I could of hers, because her style was unlike anything else. The beauty of her language and the power of her messages make her such a singular voice in poetry, and her work has been a source of strength to me, creatively and personally. Thank you to her family and friends for letting us share this; the grace, depth and humor with which you spoke about Dr.

Angelou has touched me. Thank you for saying that she loved everyone, because I truly have felt loved through her poetry — that is one of her many gifts. Come on Jesus… Let it be… thank you for your wisdom, courage and most of all being a Woman of God. Well done my good and faithful servant…. What a wonderful poet and amazing woman.

We are very grateful to her family for streaming the service. America has truly loss a wonderful woman. You were so loved! Maya, Thank you for all your Beauty and Wisdom. I first read your wonderful works as a teenager and I was totally hooked… You made me a better woman through your lovely words… Thank you and I will meet you in Heaven!! Blessings, Phyllis Lovelace. Maya Angelou was truly a Phenomenal Woman.

I have read her books, watched her interviews, recited her poetry, and listened to her words of wisdom throughout my life.

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I thank her for all of her direct, teachable moments. Angelou never spoke empty rhetoric. Thank you for demanding that little black girls rise to the occasion and for setting a positive example for all to follow. The most influential person I have known, watched, heard. We should never forget her. I will always read and speak her words. She was a part of my life and I loved her. The Phenomenal woman.

Rest In Peace and talk about us every now and Then. Maya Angelou taught me so many things. They are too numerous to account but she also taught the importance of quietude! She was simply the best! Rest well Dr. Maya Angelou…. Rest in paradise, Dr. Dr Angelou, your words have inspired me, changed me and saved me.

Thank you so much for sharing your life. You would know the secret of death.

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But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life? Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

With love and appreciation, I thank you, Dr. Remembering Ms. Maya with love and adoration for all the words and expressions she has left for us. I am so grateful for Dr. I as a young black girl living in Indiana was told by a teacher that I belonged in the wild with animals. I felt dumb and lost. I heard this powerful poem and it sparked curiosity in me to go to the library.

I was introduced to the works of Dr. Her books let me see myself broken but not hopeless. Through her I was able to see that I was, am a Child of God and was capable. I dreamed and read and over came the reading struggles and most importantly I overcame the lie I was told and went on to college. I had children and created a environment for them to love reading and inspire to dream big. I was grateful to here this was going to be broadcasted. I had hopes that I would be able to allow my daughter to see what a living angle was.

If he won't govern, he should resign. King married Tabitha Spruce on January 2, The couple own and divide their time between three houses: one in Bangor, Maine , one in Lovell, Maine , and for the winter a waterfront mansion located off the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota, Florida. The Kings have three children, a daughter and two sons, and four grandchildren.

Joseph Hillstrom King , who writes as Joe Hill, published a collection of short stories, 20th Century Ghosts , in In the early s, King developed a drinking problem which would plague him for more than a decade. As King related in his memoir, he then sought help, quit all drugs including alcohol in the late s, and has remained sober since. King is a fan of baseball, and of the Boston Red Sox in particular; he frequently attends the team's home and away games, and occasionally mentions the team in his novels and stories.

Driver Bryan Edwin Smith, distracted by an unrestrained dog moving in the back of his minivan, struck King, who landed in a depression in the ground about 14 feet four meters from the pavement of Route 5. Shortly before the accident took place, a woman in a car, also northbound, passed King first and then the light-blue Dodge van. The van was looping from one side of the road to the other, and the woman told her passenger she hoped "that guy in the van doesn't hit him.

King was conscious enough to give the deputy phone numbers to contact his family, but was in considerable pain. His injuries—a collapsed right lung, multiple fractures of his right leg, scalp laceration and a broken hip—kept him at CMMC until July 9. His leg bones were so shattered that doctors initially considered amputating his leg, but stabilized the bones in the leg with an external fixator.

The van was later crushed at a junkyard, to King's disappointment, as he had fantasized about smashing it up. King later mentioned during an interview with Fresh Air 's Terry Gross that he wanted the vehicle destroyed at a charity event in which individuals would donate money for an opportunity to smash it with a sledgehammer. During this time, Tabitha King was inspired to redesign his studio.

King visited the space while his books and belongings were packed away. What he saw was an image of what his studio would look like if he died, inspiring his novel Lisey's Story The driver of the vehicle that struck King, Bryan Edwin Smith, was found dead at his Maine home in September in an apparent suicide. In , King announced he would stop writing, apparently motivated in part by frustration with his injuries, which had made sitting uncomfortable and reduced his stamina.

He has since resumed writing, but states on his website:. I'm writing but I'm writing at a much slower pace than previously and I think that if I come up with something really, really good, I would be perfectly willing to publish it because that still feels like the final act of the creative process, publishing it so people can read it and you can get feedback and people can talk about it with each other and with you, the writer, but the force of my invention has slowed down a lot over the years and that's as it should be. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other people with the same name, see Stephen King disambiguation. Horror fantasy science fiction supernatural fiction drama gothic genre fiction dark fantasy post-apocalyptic fiction crime fiction suspense thriller. Tabitha Spruce m. Main article: The Dark Tower series. Main article: List of adaptations of works by Stephen King.

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