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The Innocent

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We zouden het lief vinden als je de blokkade voor onze site uit zet. The innocent 7,4. Boekverslag door een scholier 4e klas vwo woorden 6 juni 79 keer beoordeeld. The innocent.

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Vertaald als. De brief in Berlijn. Ian McEwan.

Eerste uitgave. Oorspronkelijke taal.

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Koude Oorlog , Berlijn , Spionage. Boekverslag Reacties 1 Andere verslagen 1. Author: Ian McEwan Title: The innocent or The special relationship Year and place of first publication: , London Edition I used: the first publication of Number of pages: Explanation of the title: The main character of the book Leonard Marnham is very innocent; he still lives with his parents and is still a virgin while he is already twenty five years old. The special relationship refers to the special relationship he and his superiors at the tunnel are supposed to have according to Bob Glass another important character I think it also has to do with Maria: their relationship is special; they have several remarkable ups and downs and they get through it because of their strong love for each other and eventually they separate very easy.

The Allied project the Golden project will tunnel from the American sector into the Russian zone to tap phone lines of communications with Moscow. Marnham handles repair and setup work on tape recorders. He is guided by Bob Glass, his only friend there. He meets Maria Eckdorf and falls deeply in love with her, he experiences a whole new world with her. Meanwhile he is a spy for a man named McNamee, he has to spy on the Americans to get all sorts of information. It seems to go well but sometimes Leonard has strange thoughts, one of them is that he wants to control and force Maria to have sex with him, so practically he wants to rape her.

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The famed golf instructor Hank Haney has apologised for disparaging remarks he made about LPGA tour players on a radio show. And Caster Semenya has filed an appeal to the federal supreme court of Switzerland challenging the ruling against her by the court of arbitration for sport.

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