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During this time he married a widow, and the couple was together until her death in In and he was elected to the state assembly, and in he was appointed attorney general by Gov.

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George Clinton. By he had built a successful political coalition against Gen. Philip Schuyler , father-in-law of Alexander Hamilton then secretary of the treasury , and won election to the United States Senate , incurring the enmity of Hamilton. Burr ran for vice president in but lost.

The following year he failed to win reelection to the Senate—losing to Schuyler—and spent the next two years in state politics. In Burr won the vice presidential nomination on the Jeffersonian Republican ticket. He carried New York state and thus helped bring about a national victory for his party.

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Under the electoral college procedures then prevailing, the electors had cast their votes for both Thomas Jefferson and Burr without indicating which should be president and which vice president. Both men had an equal number of electoral votes, and the Federalist -controlled House of Representatives had to break the tie. In the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted, requiring electors to cast separate ballots for president and vice president. Burr took office, but he was marginalized by Jefferson, who had come to believe that Burr had been engaged in secret dealings to secure the presidency for himself.

That and other incidents left Burr deeply unpopular with party leaders, and his renomination as vice president seemed doubtful. Shortly thereafter, Governor Clinton replaced him as the Republican vice presidential candidate. Although duels were illegal in both New York and New Jersey, the penalties were less severe in the latter state. The two men faced off on July 11, There are conflicting accounts about what happened.

It is uncertain who fired first and whether Hamilton missed on purpose or whether he shot wide after involuntarily discharging his pistol when hit by Burr. In any event, Burr was unhurt, but Hamilton was fatally wounded and died the next day. Arrest warrants were issued for Burr, whom many now viewed as a murderer, and he fled to Philadelphia, where he contacted his friend Gen. James Wilkinson , a United States Army officer secretly in the pay of Spain and the governor of the northern Louisiana territory.

Expecting war to break out between the United States and Spain over boundary disputes, Wilkinson and Burr planned an invasion of Mexico in order to establish an independent government there.

Possibly—the record is inconclusive—they also discussed a plan to foment a secessionist movement in the West and, joining it to Mexico, to found an empire on the Napoleonic model. In any event, Wilkinson became alarmed and betrayed Burr to President Jefferson. Trying to escape to Spanish territory, Burr was arrested and returned for trial to Richmond, Virginia, the site of the nearest federal court that could hear a trial for treason. Chief Justice of the U.

Supreme Court John Marshall presided in his capacity as circuit judge for Virginia. At that time, circuit courts had original jurisdiction to try treason cases; the Supreme Court has never had that power. Marshall acquitted Burr on the ground that acts of treason against the United States by definition require the existence of a state of war Article III, Section 3 of the U.

Aaron Burr - Adventurer

Although acquitted, Burr remained under a cloud of suspicion and distrust. The Sneijders: a longstanding criminal family from the East End of London. Matthias: Head of Matthias: Head of his family's illicit empire. Living the dual identities of benevolent family man and ruthless Alpha Male gangster, can he be successful in separating and managing Love and Promise.

Love and Promise is a story played out against the backdrop of a rural Upstate Love and Promise is a story played out against the backdrop of a rural Upstate New York community where the grandson of Lebanese and Italian immigrants endeavors to overcome prejudice. A farm boy struggles to be accepted for his accomplishments In the first tale of the Ornaments, follow along with Annabell as she journeys to In the first tale of the Ornaments, follow along with Annabell as she journeys to the top of the Christmas tree.

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The Reluctant Lawman. Jake Harn had served in the Civil War as an officer and upon being discharged Jake Harn had served in the Civil War as an officer and upon being discharged he came back to his home near Savannah, Georgia. Upon confirmation of Jefferson?

Aaron Burr’s Notorious Treason Case

His fair and judicial manner as president of the Senate , recognized even by his bitterest enemies, fostered traditions in regard to that position. However, Burr's refusal to give the victory to Jefferson as he had promised would cost him the trust of his own party and of Jefferson: for the rest of the administration, Burr remained an outsider. Because Jefferson dropped Burr from his ticket in the election , the former vice-president ran for the governorship of New York instead.

Burr lost the election due to a personal smear campaign orchestrated by his own party rivals, the Clintons of New York. Alexander Hamilton also opposed Burr, on the debatable grounds his rival had entertained a Federalist secession movement in New York.

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  6. But Hamilton exceeded himself at one political dinner, where he expressed a "still more despicable opinion" of Burr. Novelist Gore Vidal speculated Hamilton might have accused Burr of having an incestuous relationship with his daughter Theo, but most historians discount this as fiction. After a letter regarding the incident written by Dr. Charles D. Cooper circulated in a local newspaper, Burr sought an explanation from his erstwhile friend. Hamilton had written so many letters, and made so many private tirades against Burr, that he could not reliably comment on Cooper's vaguely worded statement.

    Burr demanded that Hamilton recant or deny everything he had ever said regarding Burr? Burr responded with a challenge to a duel, which Hamilton accepted. Both men had been noted duelists in the past, but Hamilton had qualms because his beloved son, Philip, had rashly entered into a fatal duel in The bullet entered Hamilton below the chest, and he died the following day.

    Some have debated who fired first; Hamilton's shot went upward and to Burr's right, striking a tree branch. Burr later learned that Hamilton intended to hold his fire during the duel. His response: "Contemptible, if true.

    Aaron Burr: Hero, Killer, Traitor?

    He escaped to South Carolina , where his daughter lived with her family, but soon returned to Washington, D. He presided over the Samuel Chase hearing with the "impartiality of an angel and the rigor of a devil. After the expiration of his term as Vice President on March 4 , , broken in fortune and virtually an exile from New York, Burr fled to Philadelphia. There he met Jonathan Dayton , with whom he created a conspiracy, the goal of which is unclear. At its grandest, the plan may have been for Burr to make a massive new nation in the west, forged from conquered provinces of Mexico and the states west of the Appalachian Mountains.

    Burr was to have been the leader of this Southwestern republic. Burr's dream was to create a Latin American empire that could control much of the farms and commerce of North America. Had he suceeded, the United States could have fallen into a full-scale civil war. General James Wilkinson , a conspirator in the secret pay of Spain , had his own reasons for aiding the Burr conspiracy.

    As territorial governor of Louisiana , he could have seized power for himself, as he had attempted in earlier plots in Kentucky. Burr enlisted Wilkinson and others to his plan in a reconnaissance mission to the West in April After marrying his niece, Blennerhassett had been forced out of Ireland. He came to live as a quasi-feudal lord, owning an island now bearing his name on the Ohio River. It was there that he met Burr and agreed to help finance the imperial ambitions of Burr's group.

    Burr may have anticipated a war with Spain, a distinct possibility had someone other than Wilkinson commanded U. In case of a war declaration, Andrew Jackson stood ready to help Colonel Burr, who had purchased land shares from the Bastrop Grant in Texas. His expedition of perhaps eighty men carried modest arms for hunting, and no war materiel ever came to light, even when Blennerhassett Island was seized by Ohio militia.

    After a near-incident with Spanish forces at Natchitoches , Wilkinson decided he could best serve his conflicting interests by betraying Burr's plans to President Jefferson — and his Spanish paymasters. Jefferson's passivity throughout most of remains baffling to this day, but he finally issued a proclamation for Burr's arrest. Burr read this in a newspaper in the Orleans Territory on January 10 ,