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Book 1: Branding of a Heretic Claradina is a calm and collected historical scholar, that is until she stumbles upon information in a recently uncovered document that could change the world forever. With the collective Mind standing in her way, she must gain allies and bend the rules if she is ever going to expose the truth behind the history. Book 2: Naming the Bane Cursed from birth, Daggis travels with a caravan of misfits and outcasts, fleeing a goddess hellbent on their destruction.

He does what he can to protect his family, but when the caravan is raided by the goddess's army, one man can only do so much. The following listings are from a previous record compiled by an investigative team prior to the War of Absolution at the command of Lianandra. The reason for this record is unknown. My personal notes are italicized; relative dates included in braces. Some dates are questionable.

No recorded accounts exist before the following date. The man claimed the men had raided his village, killing everyone. It was later reported that the man had escaped.

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AE - He was seen in active opposition of magic during the early years of The Awakening on multiple accounts, even going as far as terminating new magic users that were out of control. It is claimed that.

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A letter to the Brothers of Veil: "Over the last fifteen years, man has begun to reach for the stars. With fire and fuel, we have launched ourselves toward the heavens in an attempt to enter the void. Many of these attempts have failed, and for a good reason.

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  7. Man is not meant to leave this planet, and should not. The space program is an offense to the gods. No man should join the nothing, the darkness.

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    Space flights are an abomination that we cannot abide. During the first eight years, we have done our duty.

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    I sighed with relief as each rocket failed to launch, but now, they have reached one of the moons, Selas. Soon the LASO will begin sending astronauts to live on the base they have constructed. This cannot be allowed! Brethren, I beseech thee. Stand with me in the fight against the atrocities of this nation. We must protest these acts of heresy. They spit in the faces of the gods, and must pay for their actions.

    If they are allowed to travel further, the void will rain down retribut. An interview with an astronaut: Setting: A well-groomed journalist wearing a suit and tie sits at a glass table in front of an audience, his white, angelic wings draping over the back of the chair. Across from him, a woman with antlers and hair tied back in a tight, sandy bun sips from a black mug, her astronaut's attire adorned with an insignia displaying a set of crescent celestial bodies aligned with a rocket sailing across them. Images of space scenery cycle across the large screen behind them, and a space helmet rests on the table between them.

    All but three of the lights in the room dim, leaving one on each of them and one on the helmet. I am Jaredin Co'denae. Tonight, I am honored to be able to bring to you this special interview with one of the astronauts that will be part of the team performing the first extended stay mission on the Lyrian Aeronautics and Space Organization's moon base, Hope.

    I would like to welcome the mission commander, our v. Jack pried his eyes open. An ample bosom cradled by folded arms swam in his vision.

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